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e621 jasonafex

Artist: jasonafex. A popular Australian animator who animates art for commissions. His scalie fursona, Vergence, can be seen both taking dick and dishing it out. jasonafex this is surprisingly tolerable? You can tell you put more time than usual into this one. Normally i would complain about this, but this is probably the. But, like I said, e isn't Jasonafex's personal space or board. I didn't go to, or go 'at' him, ever. This is a public space (or at least a private space owned by the.

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TheDevilTheyKnow Member 1 year ago. This isn't a battle. I've said multiple times that the animosity towards my work is honestly humorous. Gamerfur Member 1 year ago. The knees don't bend because they can't bend, it's an illustration manipulated to appear as if it has depth. They actually deserve the money. Also I'm pretty sure he gets enough of seeing people call his work not so much animation.

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Keep up the good work. I was going to make a bacon joke but I see people already did it 1 year ago. Stoic5 also does it better for the same reasons but also because he makes his own drawings, as I alluded in my response to jiggles. I could go on, but one thing this site showcases, those with logic who don't agree with the ones in charge, might as well be the monsters on the bad end of pitch forks. Cant we just appreciate the animation? Um, top left corner I'm not sure why I do, but I love it when Kabier and Jasonfex by extension voices her character.

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e621 jasonafex